You know you’re cake is da Bomb when…..

Your friend is in Emergency with a dislocated knee and is still talking about the birthday cake!!!

 Yes, that’s exactly what happened.  Your cake was so awesome that my friend, who, unfortunately dislocated her knee while jumping on the trampoline at my son’s gymnastics place, was still talking about your cake while being high on gas in the emergency room at Eagle Ridge.  I know it’s not supposed to be funny but that’s all she kept talking about.

 On that note my husband and i just want to thank you for making such an amazing cake for my son’s first birthday.  Everyone was soooo amazed by it – including myself and my husband.  We actually didn’t have a chance to eat it until about an hour ago because we were so busy at the birthday party that we had it while watching tv after putting Gavin down.  It is delicious!!! I actually can’t wait to try your famous chocolate cake as well.  PLEASE do not give up preparing cakes or move or anything cuz we just LOVED everything about your cake!!!  I put your cards out in front of the cake as well and they were gone.  I managed to grab one for myself before they were all gone.

 I will be sending you a little thank you note in the mail really soon. Once again, THANK YOU!!!!!!    You made my son’s birthday SOOOOO special!!!!  I can’t thank you enough!!!!!

Warm Regards from,

 Sonia, Amrit, and Gavin



Hi Kerri,

The cake was awesome! I cannot tell you how overwhelmed we all were with the unique idea and the extraordinary detail you included. There really are not enough adjectives to describe how impressed we all were with your creation. Thank you, thank you for the highlight of Al’s 80th birthday. Oh yes, I almost forgot, the cake was delicious!

With thanks and good wishes,

Jan and Al.



Hi Kerri,
Jerry’s office loved them and so do I. Thank you so much!
Have a great day.